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§ Numbers compare an old heating oil installation with a new LPG installation.

§ Cost calculations based on current market prices. Results may vary depending on market situation, promotions and season. Calculated results do not represent a binding offer. Please get in touch with us to receive your individual offer.

§ Green house gas emissions are calculated in CO2 equivalents. For calculating those the following conversion rates have been used: Methane (CH4 )= 25; Nitrous oxide (N2O)= 298; Particulate matter (PM)=491,25; Carbon monoxide (CO)= 3; non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC)= 8; mono-nitrogen oxides (NOx )= 2,2

§ Calculation verified by Atlantic Consulting, Obstgartenstrasse 14, 8136 Gattikon (Zürich), Switzerland

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