With Flaga cylinder gas you enjoy the following benefits

Benefits of FLAGA gas cylinders:
  • Mobile – the cylinder is easy to transport and store, and can be used anywhere
  • Efficient – one cylinder lasts for several barbecue parties
  • Top quality – at FLAGA you get pure and standardized propane gas
  • Safety – FLAGA guarantees precise and permanent safety checks of all cylinders
  • Eco-friendly – LPG does not produce smoke or poisonous gases and poses no danger to ground water or soil

Benefits of FLAGA superlight bottles:
  • 50% lighter than comparable steel cylinder
  • Gas level always visible
  • Innovative technology, 100% corrosion-resistant
  • Appealing top-design
  • Cylinders are stackable
  • Robust und absolutely safe
  • FLAGA- Safety- and Quality Certificate guarantees highest product quality (Switzerland)
  • Lasts through the whole barbecue season

Our cylinders are delivered on stackable pallets.

Cylinder GasBulk Gas

Eco-friendly, efficient, space-saving and versatile usage opportunities. Due to the cylinder’s mobility you have your LPG at hands anytime and anywhere.

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